It’s interesting that as athletes improve and reach higher and higher levels, their support network of coaches increases. Take a quarterback as an example. Various coaches include: a head coach, a quarterback coach, an offensive coach, a strength and conditioning coach,  a sports psychology coach and probably many more. So why is that as we climb the corporate ladder we don’t equip our corporate leaders with the same support?

    If you’re a new CEO, a veteran CEO, a CEO embarking on a new market, product or service, or if you’re a CEO just looking to take your company to the next level why not seek out a support system? Just like a quarterback, increase your strengths, walk through strategies, and develop skills to get the most from your team with coaching support specific for your position – the CEO.

    Organization’s like TEC Canada have developed a great network and support system for CEOs. I’d consider them to be like a great strength and conditioning coach. They develop the general tools and methodologies to propel your success as a CEO and keep you strong in the area of leadership.

    Stratford’s CEO Advisory and Support services are more closely related to a quarterback coach. They’ll focus in on the specifics of your role and the objectives you and your board are looking to achieve. Our team of experienced CEOs have led high-performing businesses and approach coaching at the individual level. Providing strategic advice around a number of topics such as strategy, planning, people management and personal effectiveness. They’ve been in the CEO seat so they can relate to the challenges and triumphs of the role.

    Although this article focuses on the importance of coaching for the quarterback of an organization- the CEO, it could be said for any leader within an organization.

    If you’re a CEO or if you’re looking to develop your career and your role in your organization, you should consider surrounding yourself with a team of coaches to get you into shape for the next level. Leadership development programs (like this great one at Stratford – Leadership for Success), peer groups , or even mentors are a great start.

    This article was published more than 1 year ago. Some information may no longer be current.