Are you looking for ways to support and transform the leaders within your organization? As Stratford gears up to launch another session of our award winning Leadership for Success program, we share some feedback and success stories we’ve received from past participants to demonstrate ways in which the learning outcomes in our programs translate to tangible business results.

    In July 2021, Andy Dube, HR Director for the City of Cranbrook, was staring down 24 union grievances.  Today, he has zero.

    He credits Stratford’s Leadership for Success program with helping him build the communication strategies to help him get there.

    “The program provided me with new strategies to address issues and have critical conversations engage others in collaborative problem solving.  I realized being an effective leader is not about having all the answers or implementing my own solution. Rather, it’s about being present and staying connected to the moment to find solutions with others.”

    Andy is not alone.  Since 2019, more than 200 leaders have graduated from the multi-month program, which alternates virtual workshops with group coaching, complemented by access to a bank of online articles that can support learning and encourage the application of new approaches.


    Inspire better leadership

    Leadership for Success is not an event – it’s an experience which provides leaders with foundational opportunities to develop skills, helping them lead for success, communicate with impact, plan for performance and coach for results.

    Megan Nettleton, Assistant Supervisor of the Financial Crime Intelligence Analysis Unit with the RCMP, participated in the program as leaders all over the globe continued to struggle with how to lead their teams through the COVID-19 pandemic.

    “I love that the program creates and compels and environment of active engagement.  You have to buy in.  You have to participate.  Ultimately, you will have to “do the work” – you cannot just show up.  You leave the program more self-aware, which can fundamentally change your leadership style.”

    How does the program work?  Participants receive 1 hour of 1:1 coaching at the beginning of the program to set their learning goal, then attend a series of five 90-minute virtual instructor-led workshops, alternated by five 90-minute group coaching circles to discuss key learnings and brainstorm new ideas and approaches to work through challenges.

    If you want confidence, enlightenment and clarity, then take the program.

    Workshop topics include Leadership Essentials, Engaging Diverse and Distributed Teams, Lead and Communicate in times of Uncertainty and Change, and Coaching for Results (2 modules).

    Andy says ,

    “I loved learning in the workshops then discussing these learnings in the coaching circle.  It allowed me to apply the concepts then discuss what was working and what was challenging with my colleagues – it’s a community where we could trust and share with each other.”

    Participants and their leaders complete a short 180-degree feedback survey at the beginning and end of the program, to measure leadership confidence and effectiveness.  In Megan’s cohort, there was a  whopping 22% increase in the participants’ confidence to lead, motivate, and communicate with their team at the end of her 7-month program.


    Experience better results

    Since participating in Leadership for Success last year, Andy recognizes his conversations between union and management are more open and cooperative, he responds more instead of reacting, and he’s more grounded and authentic in his leadership than ever before.  Megan also cites the transformative aspect of the program, noting,

    “I have become even more confident in communicating with my team, and pinpointing where we will succeed and where we are limited.  The Stratford program taught me how to coach for results, while still valuing my diverse team.”

    Andy has this to say to leaders who could benefit from the program’s learnings:

    “If you want confidence, enlightenment and clarity, then take the program.”

    Are you interested in Leadership for Success? Our next cohort is starting soon! Your organization may be eligible for 83% of the program fees to be offset by the Canada-Ontario Job Grant.  Please reach out to Dean Fulford at to start the conversation and secure your spot!


    About Michelle

    Through 1:1 coaching and facilitation, Michelle helps new and experienced managers develop leadership competencies so they can lead, motivate and inspire their teams more effectively. Facilitating group “coaching circles” for Leadership for Success, Michelle helps leaders identify a development goal for the program and specific “actions” that will help them build leadership habits, landing their progress and helping to brainstorm solutions to address challenges they experience. Facilitation topics include leadership and career development.