DECEMBER 13, 2023: Stratford believes that better is possible. For over 15 years Stratford Group has been serving clients and growing its business across Canada with one purpose: to contribute to the prosperity and vibrancy of the communities we touch through the clients we serve. To date, the business has grown organically year-after-year serving over 200 clients annually across multiple industry sectors in a variety of service areas. With a commitment to having a bigger impact on communities, and to lean in and help more businesses succeed, Stratford is looking to accelerate its growth through mergers & acquisitions and is looking to build strategic partnerships with businesses that share in the vision that strong businesses can better contribute to their community’s well-being.  

    “As we grow Stratford it’s important that we look for organizations that have synergies in service areas to better support clients, but we’re really seeking like-minded businesses wanting to make an impact in the lives of their people and their communities. We would love to discuss how together we can create an organization that propels success and contributes to the prosperity and vibrancy of your organization, your teams, and your community.” Says President and CEO Jim Roche. 

    Seeking businesses that align with their core offerings in management consulting, people & culture and intellectual property, Stratford offers business owners looking for a strategic succession solution a unique opportunity to broaden their market reach and impact while also preserving the value and legacy of the company they have built. Stratford is an expert at facilitating seamless transitions and amplifying post-acquisition growth opportunities. Merging with Stratford means your clients have access to a greater network of professionals and services to help them achieve results delivered with the same level of value and care they have come to expect. 

    Stratford Management Consulting president, Colleen Kelley has years of experience in M&A. “Having supported several clients and businesses through mergers and acquisitions we’re no stranger to the complexity and nuances of combining two organizations. We’re focused on the integration from day one, to ensure that everyone finds value in the deal – clients and teams included!” 

    Stratford has developed a value-based culture where client outcomes are at the heart of decision-making and planning. Delivering client value and helping clients achieve results is what drives the organization. Committing to embodying its core values, Stratford approaches its clients, team, and company with a sense of Care, Connection, Collaboration, Contribution and Celebration – all with the intended purpose to develop and grow a thriving community of its own. One that is built on trust and founded in the joy of helping businesses and leaders in their journey to success.  

    M&A is such a great way to build a stronger team to better serve clients. An engaging and rewarding place to work is a direct outcome of having talented people from a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures, and skill sets. Our onboarding and team dynamics is focused on creating a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere. Our aim is to help all team members reach their full potential and achieve their personal and professional goals.” says Mike D’Amico, president of Stratford People & Culture.  

    Located across Canada and the United States, the team is comprised of exceptional executives with expertise in all areas of business who work together to provide tailored solutions that allow clients to realize value, achieve results, and build enduring capabilities. Stratford is always striving to be better, and in doing so, bringing together a team of diverse, community-minded individuals to help them get there. Synergies between merging teams is necessary not only for merger success but individual and team success. Let’s maximize potential and delight your clients together! 

    Natalie Giroux, President of Stratford Intellectual Property is optimistic at what a strategic merger can mean for businesses, "Companies seek mergers with us not just for our proven expertise and diverse team, but for our forward-thinking strategies that drive success. By blending our innovative mindset with practical solutions, we create a synergy that propels not only merger success but also elevates individual and team achievements. Joining forces with Stratford isn't just a merger; it's an opportunity to harness collective potential, pioneer new paths, and delight clients by pushing boundaries together."

    If you’re interested in broadening your market reach and impact while preserving the value and legacy of the company you built in a strategic merger with Stratford Group, let’s talk. You can connect with us here.