The Stratford Management Consulting team represented by Shelagh Maloney, AJ Harris, and Rana Chreyh recently attended the e-Health 2024 Conference in Vancouver on May 26 - 28. This annual event, known for its cutting-edge innovations and insightful presentations, proved to be an invaluable experience for our team. We are excited to share some key takeaways from the conference. 


    Key Themes: AI and Connected Care

    The conference predominantly focused on two critical themes: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Interoperability. These themes are reshaping the healthcare industry, offering new opportunities for innovation and efficiency.




    Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI has the potential to be a transformative force in healthcare. It predicts analytics for personalized medicine and enhances patient outcomes and operational efficiency. Key discussions at the conference highlighted how AI can help patients navigate the system, automate administrative tasks, and support clinical decision-making. While it was agreed that AI can streamline processes and improve care outcomes, it was also noted that data quality, bias, and rapid evaluation for scale and spread are important considerations when adopting AI.  

    Connected Care: Connected care, also known as interoperability remains a cornerstone for the seamless exchange of health information. The ability of different healthcare systems and devices to communicate and share data efficiently is crucial for providing coordinated and effective care. The conference showcased several initiatives going on across the country to facilitate seamless information flow and underscored the importance of pan-Canadian collaboration in order to meet our objective of providing better care for all Canadians.


    Stratford's Role: Expertise in Strategy, Frameworks, and Implementation

    At Stratford, we recognize the critical role that strategic planning and robust frameworks play in the successful adoption and integration of new technologies. Our extensive experience positions us uniquely to assist healthcare organizations in several key areas:

    1. Strategic Planning: We help organizations develop comprehensive strategies that align with their goals and leverage the latest technological advancements. Our strategic planning services ensure that healthcare providers can navigate the complexities of AI and interoperability while staying focused on their mission to deliver high-quality care.

    2. Framework Development: Implementing AI and achieving interoperability requires well-defined frameworks. We can help you create tailored frameworks that guide you through the implementation process, ensuring that all aspects—from data governance to user training—are meticulously planned and executed.

    3. Solution Selection: Choosing the right solutions is paramount to the success of any technology initiative. We can evaluate and select AI tools and interoperability platforms that best meet the unique needs of each organization. We prioritize scalable, secure, and capable solutions to deliver tangible benefits.

    4. Implementation Leadership: Successful implementation demands strong leadership and project management. Stratford provides expert guidance throughout the implementation journey, from initial planning to full deployment. Our leadership ensures that projects are completed on time, within budget, and with minimal disruption to ongoing operations.



    How can we help?

    Stratford Management Consulting team can leverage its expertise to support organizations in navigating the evolving landscape of healthcare technology. We can help organizations with strategies, frameworks, solution selection and implementation leadership. Let’s discuss how we can help you deliver results that will impact your organization and drive positive change in our healthcare system!