We're pleased to share that Myriam Davidson, our Director of Engagement at Stratford Intellectual Property, has been featured in a recent IAM 300 article soliciting advice regarding trade secret strategies from individuals features on the 2024 IAM 300 Global Leaders list.

    The piece, titled "Experts split on how trade secrets should fit into a protection strategy," offers insightful perspectives on integrating trade secrets into intellectual property strategies.

    Trade secrets are an essential aspect of IP management, yet they differ significantly from patents. This article sheds light on the challenges of handling trade secrets, from maintaining confidentiality to understanding their economic impact. It's a nuanced exploration of how trade secrets can complement or substitute patents in certain situations.

    Regarding potential risks, the publication highlights Myriam's emphasis on proper training, saying that it is "crucial to ensure that 'individuals with access to the secret are aware of its status and their responsibilities (especially if the individual is external or leaving the company)'. The article also stressed that Myriam believe in the "importance of efficient management to safeguard against leaks, particularly met -data cataloguing and utilising IT to manage assets 'holistically'."

    To read more about Myriam's perspectives and the detailed analysis of trade secrets in IP strategy, we invite you to view the full article on IAM's website here.