In a recent feature in the Ottawa Business Journal, two esteemed professionals from Stratford Group came together to shed light on the incredible impact they see Artificial Intelligence (AI) having in the healthcare sector with the right strategic approach.

    Rana Chreyh, who leads the Management Consulting practice at Stratford Group and boasts over two decades of experience in the medical device and healthcare industry, expressed her enthusiasm for the burgeoning role of AI in healthcare. Chreyh emphasized that AI's ability to address efficiency challenges and capacity constraints is crucial, representing a necessary evolution in tackling global healthcare obstacles.

    Shelagh Maloney, a senior consultant at Stratford, emphasized the universal impact of AI, saying “it’s new to everyone and while we need to be thoughtful about how we use it, the clear message is that AI is not going anywhere. By taking a strategic approach to the use of implementation of AI, it ensures we can address concerns while also leveraging its abundance of potential.”

    Both experts advocate for the careful adoption of AI strategies that focus on delivering specific value, ensuring that solutions are not only beneficial but also sustainable and aligned with healthcare objectives.

    The feature delves into the nuances of implementing AI in the highly regulated healthcare industry, stressing the importance of addressing patient safety, privacy, ethics, and trust. By prioritizing strategic planning and targeted application of AI, healthcare organizations can leverage this technology to have a significant impact on operational and clinical domains.

    Read the full feature here.