The Stratford Intellectual Property team is being featured in an article in the Ottawa Business Journal which details our strategic collaboration with Swidget, an Ottawa-based innovator in modular smart home devices. The article, titled "With a tailored intellectual property strategy, Swidget and Stratford Group chart a strategic course for growth," highlights the partnership's focus on developing a comprehensive intellectual property (IP) strategy to support Swidget's growth ambitions. 


    Highlights from the Article:

    • Cam Wilson, CEO of Swidget, noted the significance of the partnership, stating, "The strategic insight and practical support in securing funding and managing our IP needs provided by Stratford have been critical to positioning us for success now and in the future."

    • Myriam Davidson, Vice President of Stratford Intellectual Property, explained the approach to IP strategy, saying, "Our method combines deep industry insights with proactive planning. The aim is to create an IP strategy that aligns with business strategies and is pragmatically implementable, ensuring it drives operational success."

    • Project Outcomes:  Fortified market position and enhanced IP management: Stratford’s strategic focus on value creation led to the expert drafting of patents and trademarks, significantly boosting Swidget's capacity to protect its innovations. This proactive approach, supported by a clear and actionable roadmap, not only met but surpassed Swidget’s strategic goals, positioning them for ongoing innovation and leadership in the market

    The collaboration has evolved beyond a typical service provision, developing into a trusted partnership that enhances Swidget’s market position and IP management. This strategy has helped Swidget not only meet but exceed their strategic objectives, establishing a foundation for sustained growth.

    For those interested in understanding how strategic IP management can contribute to business growth, we encourage reading the full article on the local business journal’s website.

    Read the Full Article Here

    This feature underscores Stratford's commitment to providing tailored IP strategies that significantly enhance business outcomes for our clients.