We're excited to announce that Stratford Group is a proud new member of Digital Health Canada, and we're kicking off our membership by attending the UpOnDigital Conference in Toronto!

    This year’s conference boasts a lineup of distinguished speakers, including Michael Hillmer, Abhi Kalra, Matthew Anderson, Angela Tibando, and Kevin Chung. These discussions will provide invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities within Ontario’s healthcare system, emphasizing patient care, digital health advancements, and interoperability.

    You can see the full event details here

    Our attendance at UpOnDigital underscores Stratford's commitment to contributing to the digital health landscape, fostering innovation, and enhancing patient and caregiver experiences through our management consulting expertise. We are particularly excited about the opportunities to learn from and collaborate with key stakeholders in the sector, enabling us to better serve our clients and contribute to the evolution of healthcare.

    Drawing upon our experience as consultants and advisors, who have guided clients in the healthcare sector through strategic planning and IT digital transformations, we are excited to explore how we can deepen our impact at the UpOnDigital Conference. Whether you're an existing partner, a potential client, or a fellow innovator in the digital health community, we invite you to connect with us to share insights, explore opportunities, and discuss how our expanded initiatives can drive transformation in healthcare together. To discover more about our work and how we can collaborate to shape the future of healthcare, Let's Talk."