The Best Ottawa Business Awards (The BOBs), provides a comprehensive snapshot of the National Capital Region's economic performance and business success in a given year.

    This year Stratford is thrilled to celebrate some of our clients who were recipients of the 2023 BOBS Awards!

    🎉  CFO of the Year: Nathalie Cadieux (The Ottawa Hospital)

    “Since I’ve been CFO in 2015, I’ve been focusing on improving the financial health of the organization. Our financial health has definitely improved and this has positioned us really well for the upcoming (Civic) hospital redevelopment, which will be huge and will require a lot of financing and investment,” Cadieux says.

    The massive infrastructure project has a total price tag of about $2.8 billion. Construction of the 2.5-million-square-foot health-care facility at Dow’s Lake is slated to begin in 2024 and wrap up in 2028.

    You can read the full profile of Nathalie in the OBJ here.

    Stratford has worked with The Ottawa Hospital on a handful of projects, most recently we worked together in the areas of Strategy and Operations.

    🎉  Best Business: Calian

    After 40 years as a global tech leader, Calian keeps delivering the “wow” factor through innovation and strategic acquisitions in new markets. It’s why it keeps winning contracts from tech powerhouses such as NASA and NATO 360. Calian has been able to continue positive revenue growth, reaching new revenue milestones in spite of the pandemic and supply chain issues. A diverse leadership team is steering that growth, with a focus on gender equity and inclusion.

    Stratford and Calian have worked together for several years in the areas of Advisory & Coaching services, Intellectual Property and Leadership Development. 

    🎉  Best New Business:  Esprit-AI

    Esprit-ai provides smart tech that monitors seniors who are limited by mobility and memory. The goal is to keep seniors safe and living where they choose. Esprit-ai Sense is an imperceptible caregiver. It doesn’t rely on wearables or intrusive cameras. For care teams, every 16 rooms equipped with the technology is like adding an extra staff member. The company is founder-funded and is led by a dream team boasting deep expertise in technology and health, including Ottawa tech giant Terry Matthews.

    Stratford has worked with Esprit-AI on projects relating to Intellectual Property.

    🎉   Best Performance in Customer Experience: Fullscript

    Fullscript’s ultimate goal is to become an indispensable partner to its customers with an unwavering focus on their needs. The goal is for each customer to feel helped, empowered and poised for success after an interaction with the Fullscript team. Fullscript delivers that best-in-class support by providing a seamless experience from start to finish, even evaluating its performance monthly with its Customer Effort Score. With empowered agents trained to handle any interaction, Fullscript recovers 50 per cent of dissatisfied customers.

    Stratford and Fullscript have worked together on projects relating to Human Resources.

    🎉   Serious Test Live Here: Best Business: Calian

    Based on this year’s revenues, Calian’s trajectory continues to “grow” where no one has gone before. By diversifying its customer base in new markets in the U.S. through strategic acquisitions, the company realized its 21st consecutive year of positive income. Working in health, cybersecurity, agriculture and now playing a leading role in Space Canada, Calian is expanding its capabilities to put the company on the global stage. Calian delivers results year after year by fostering a culture of innovation, while creating efficiencies and interconnecting various parts of the business.

    Stratford and Calian have worked together for several years in the areas of Advisory & Coaching services, Intellectual Property and Leadership Development. 

    🎉   Serious Test Live Here: Best Innovation: Pleora

    When Pleora Technologies discovered a pain point for manufacturers, it didn’t hesitate to put its 23 years of expertise to work to find a solution. Enter Pleora’s Vaira AI-driven inspection tool, an easy-to-deploy app that helps reduce costs and risks by making human decisions consistent, reliable and traceable. Vaira helps manufacturers solve an error-prone process with an app-based approach for incoming, in-process and outgoing manufacturing steps. It cuts inspection time from minutes to seconds. Because Vaira works for automotive, medical, utility and small parts manufacturing sectors, it has also expanded Pleora’s market opportunities.

    Stratford and Pleora have worked together on projects relating to Leadership Development and Strategy + Operations.


    Congratulations to all of the nominees and award winners of this year's awards! You can read the full list of 2023 recipients here.