Stratford Management Consulting is seeking new partnerships, specifically in the realms of IT Digital Solutions and Strategic Operations,  in the form of a strategic merger or acquisition. We're looking for businesses that are not only leaders in their respective industries but also share our passion for making a meaningful difference in our communities," says Colleen Kelley, President of Stratford Management Consulting. If you believe your business aligns with our goals and values, we would love to hear from you.

    At Stratford Management Consulting, a division of Stratford Group, our goal has always been to guide our clients through their most complex challenges with strategic insight and innovative solutions. For more than 15 years, we've been committed to not just growing our business but also enriching the communities around us through the clients that we serve. As we look ahead, our ambition is to broaden our impact and enhance our service offerings. 

    Our approach to partnerships is grounded in shared values and mutual respect. Kelley emphasizes the importance of finding synergies that benefit not just our clients but also our teams and the broader community. It's about creating lasting value and ensuring that every collaboration leads to growth, innovation, and a positive impact.

    Having supported several clients and businesses through mergers and acquisitions we’re no stranger to the complexity and nuances of combining two organizations. We’re focused on the integration from day one, to ensure that everyone finds value in the deal!” 

    Joining forces with Stratford Management Consulting offers a unique opportunity to amplify the reach and impact of your strategy or digital service business. By leveraging our network, resources, and expertise, your legacy and vision can achieve new heights, reaching wider audiences and creating greater value. We're committed to a seamless integration process that honours the strengths of both parties, ensuring a partnership that is rewarding for all involved.

    What does a strategic partnership with Stratford mean for you? For starters, a chance to amplify the impact of the legacy you've built, propelled by Stratford's extensive network and expertise. It's about creating a future where our combined strengths open new doors, offering solutions that are as impactful as they are innovative.

    Think of this as more than a merger or acquisition. It's a partnership where your strengths are celebrated, your legacy honoured, and your potential unleashed. We're in the business of building a community where everyone feels at home, valued, and poised for success.



    If your business is at the forefront of IT Digital Solutions and Strategic Operations, and is driven by a desire to create a positive impact in our communities, we want to connect with you. Share in our vision and values? Reach out to us – we're eager to learn more about what you do. 

    Here's to future possibilities, growth, and making a difference, together.

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