Our focus right now is on integrating agile IP strategy advisory firms and agencies that share our commitment to enhancing client value through pragmatic and proactive IP strategy implementation.” says Natalie Giroux, President of Stratford Intellectual Property about Stratford’s growth strategy through strategic M&A. If you believe your business aligns with our goals and values, we would love to hear from you.

    At Stratford Intellectual Property, a division of Stratford Group, our goal through our IP services is more than just safeguarding our client’s innovations, it’s driving their success with holistic and forward-thinking IP strategies. For over 15 years, Stratford Group has been serving clients and growing its business across Canada with one purpose: to contribute to the prosperity and vibrancy of the communities we touch through the clients we serve.

    We are keenly interested in exploring mergers and acquisitions with agencies that excel in IP Strategy and IP Operational Efficiency.

    Natalie Giroux, President of Stratford Intellectual Property says "Companies seeking mergers with us benefit not only from our proven expertise and diverse team, but also from our forward-thinking strategies that drive success. By blending our innovative mindset with practical solutions, we create a synergy that propels not only merger success but also elevates individual and team achievements. Joining forces with Stratford isn't just a merger; it's an opportunity to harness collective potential, pioneer new paths, and delight clients by pushing boundaries together."

    Partnering with Stratford Intellectual Property offers a great opportunity to expand the reach and effectiveness of your agency's services. As part of our internationally recognized* team of IP strategists, your work will empower our collective clients to not only protect but maximize the value of their IP. Our combined network, resources, and expertise will create a win-win environment. We're committed to making the integration process smooth and respectful of what both sides bring to the table, ensuring a partnership that’s beneficial and rewarding for everyone involved.

    Jordan Pynn, Vice President at Stratford Intellectual Property, adds, "Our growth is not just about expanding our client base or geographical footprint; it's about enhancing our ability to serve our clients more effectively. By integrating specialized and complementary IP firms into our fold, our aim is to bolster our expertise and extend our reach, ensuring that our clients continue to have access to top-tier IP services."

    Myriam Davidson, Vice President, emphasizes the alignment of values: "As we look forward to this next stage of our growth, the criteria we are focusing on when it comes to finding that ideal partnership is a partner who shares our commitment to excellence and innovation. We are looking for agencies that not only excel in these areas but also embody our philosophy that 'better is possible' in all aspects of IP strategy and management."

    We invite IP strategy advisory firms and agencies with a track record of delivering exceptional client value through innovative IP strategy implementation to explore this opportunity for collaboration. Share in our vision and values? Reach out to us – we're eager to learn more about what you do. 

    Here's to future possibilities, growth, and making a difference, together.

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    *Stratford Intellectual Property has been recognized in the IAM Patent 1000 (2022, 2023), with Natalie Giroux (2021, 2022, 2023) and Myriam Davidson (2022, 2023) also receiving individual recognition on the IAM Strategy 300.